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''The really sad thing is that when I was young Richard Moore didn't seem a common name, however in the age of Google it seems there are about 31 bazillion of us.'' - Richard Moore the 27,000,000,001st.

Who is this
Richard Moore?

Richard Moore

Richard J A Moore is an award-winning Australian journalist and photographer. He has just finished a stint as editor of the Cook Islands News and is returning to freelance photography and travel writing. He is based in New York.

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Fine needlework

Inside a tattoo parlour : Black and White :  Portraits : Richard Moore : Photographer

A black-and-white glimpse inside a tattoo parlour. The tattooists, their artforms and the clients who go under the needle.


Queueing for Food

Queueing for Food : Streetlife : New York : Richard Moore : Photographer

Economic hardship means Americans are lining up for vital food supplies from food banks and churches.



The Solomon Islands are a wonder for diving, exploring and visiting WWII battlefields.
Check out the latest addition to TikiTouring's travel guides - covering the Solomon Islands.

On the Streets

Streetlife : New York : Richard Moore : Photographer

Covid 19 has hit America's biggest city hard and those who are suffering the most are those living on the streets.

Life in New York

Life in New York : Photos : Articles : New York : Richard Moore : Photographer

Having moved to the United States' biggest city I will be posting lots of images and articles on The Big Apple and living life there.



A paradise on Earth is the way to describe the Cook Islands. I visited in 2011 and built a travel website highlighting the best things to see on Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. I later lived there for 18 months.

Richard Moore's The Vein Openers Novel

Richard Moore's novel about the 29th Regiment of Foot in the Peninsular War is now available on Amazon. Follow England's newest hero Joshua Firth. Click here


Election Celebrations

Election celebrations in Times Square : New York : Richard Moore : Photographer

The City That Never Sleeps did not like political barbs being aimed at it by Republicans and turned out to party after Joe Biden's election win.


Protests in Times Square

Protests in Times Square : New York : Richard Moore : Photographer

Times Square erupted into chaos when two groups with strongly opposing ideas clashed in New York's iconic meeting place.


Melbourne is one of the world's great cities. Fabulous food and wine, great sights to see and just a short drive from the Great Ocean Road - one of THE best roadtrips you can do.

Inside a High-Rise Estate


Digging through old negatives I came across this series of pictures shot at an inner Melbourne housing estate. They are from 1986 but I think will still resonate today.


ANZAC Day Parades

ANZAC DAY Parades, Melbourne, Australia

Images of the ANZAC parades themselves. Lots of pomp, lots of ceremony and a whole lot of interesting photos that I believe capture the essence of a truly special day.


Faces of ANZAC

Faces of ANZAC : Australia : ANZAC DAY : Parade : Old Diggers : Portraits : Old Soldiers

ANZAC Day is sacred for me and I have photographed ceremonies for more than 35 years. These black-and-white images have some of the best portraits I have taken. They are of Old Diggers and are from the '80s and '90s.

In 2004 I began work on his New Zealand travel website TikiTouring. It has more than 4000 pages of photos and information on where to go and what to do in New Zealand and the Pacific.

The Troubles

In 1988 I spent a month in Belfast. While there he got a close up view of The Troubles including a handgrenade and pistol attack at an IRA funeral.

Wogasia Spear Festival

Wogasia Spear Festival, Solomon Islands

A rare glimpse into a unique spiritual festival on the remote Solomons' island of Santa Catalina. I was invited to bring this amazing festival of worship and spearfighting to the outside world. It was hard going in extremely testing conditions ... but I survived.



Focus on People

Focus on People : Black and White Portraits : Richard Moore : Photographer

The first in a series of images focusing on the many people I have met and photographed while traveling around the globe.


Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston, Fiji

Cyclone Winstone is one of the strongest storms ever seen and it devastated Fiji. I flew to the Yasawa Islands to document the destruction and found out a lot about the strength of Fijians.


The Fall of the Berlin Wall

In November 1989 the symbol of the Cold War between communism and the West was breached. I flew to Berlin from London to document one of the big events of modern history.

Another Focus on People

Focus on People : Black and White Portraits : Richard Moore : Photographer

The second in a series of photos of people I have encountered while on my travels. Some are portraits, others are showing them in their environments.

Papamoa Beach.

Waterloo 200th Re-enactment

Waterloo 200th re-enactment

June 2015 saw the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. A terrific event that Richard Moore took memory cards full of images from the re-enactments.

Maori Land Protest

Maori Ihumatao Land Protest, Auckland, NZ

Angered by a housing development on land they claim is theirs, a Maori iwi has occupied the area. I visited the Ihumatao site near Auckland airport and found the peaceful protest not only has merit, but the backing of many New Zealanders.

White Island Volcano Tragedy

White Island eruption, NZ

An eruption on New Zealand's only marine volcano - White Island - left more than 17 tourists dead and 30 badly injured. The nearby town of Whakatane opened its heart to the victims and their families.


The Rena Oil Disaster

Rena Disaster

Hundreds of photos of New Zealand's worst environmental disaster caused by the container ship Rena running aground off Papamoa Beach.

Jetblast Rarotonga

A bit of fun in the sun on Rarotonga as visitors cop a jetblast by the airport there. Authorities frown upon it, tourists love it!

Going Medieval

Medieval Market : Levin : Richard Moore : Photographer

A medieval market is the perfect spot for a bit of Ye Olde Slashing and Hacking with big swords. Oh, and there were more than a few battle axes as well ...



Travel Award

Selfie Heaven, Louvre Museum

Photo award:
Editor Richard Moore won a prestigious NZ photo award for an image he took in the Louvre Museum in France.

Coronavirus in NZ

Coronavirus in New Zealand : Richard Moore : Photographer

From aeroplane arrivals, to greeting relatives, to doing food shopping, the blasted little bug is affecting the way we do things. Here is some of what is happening in New Zealand.


Holi, the Festival of Colour

Holi : Festival of Colour : Wellington : Richard Moore : Photographer

Holi, the Hindu celebration of a new start and love, is a riotous affair of throwing coloured powder and trying to make people as mucky as possible. The Festival of Colours became get the photographer!


New Plymouth street art

Street Art : New Plymouth : Richard Moore : Photographer

Mooching around the central area of New Plymouth in New Zealand I found a collection of interesting wall murals. The guys and gals behind them have really enlivened their city's heart.

How about some surfboat action?

Getting into the swing of cricket

Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club

Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club

Lifesavers on beaches around the world do just that - save lives. I spent a year with the Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club to capture what these terrific volunteers do.



Cowboys in Hawaii

Rodeo Hawaiian Style : Richard Moore : Photographer

The last thing I expected to see while driving around Oahu was a rodeo. But here it is ... right next to a massive pineapple plantation.


Christchurch after the Quakes

Christchurch is rebuilding itself after being destroyed by earthquakes 2011. Richard Moore visited the city in 2013 to see how the work was progressing.


Riding the Bull Market, Wall St, New York City


Riding the Bull Market, Wall St, New York City

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