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''The really sad thing is that when I was young Richard Moore didn't seem a common name, however in the age of Google it seems there are about 31 bazillion of us.'' - Richard Moore the 27,000,000,001st.

A city split by a historic religious divide

THE PHOTOS: Click on the pictures to go through to the galleries that contain images from 1988
of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Street scenes, the people, on patrol with the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Milltown Cemetery Massacre where three people died and more than 50 were injured at an IRA funeral.

Why was I in Belfast?

Belfast was a British city with more than 15,000 troops patrolling its streets.

It was riven along a religious divide that at times almost broke into civil war.

I wanted to photograph my impressions of what was life like for people living there.




photos were taken in 1988 at a time when tensions between Catholics and Protestants were very high."

Richard Moore

Murder in Cemetery

As the coffins were being lowered pandemonium broke out as Stone hurled grenades into the crowd.

We had absolutely no idea what was going on. We could hear the explosions and the screams and IRA officials yelling at people to duck down.

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Some tales from Belfast

I shot this photo essay in black and white to add to the atmosphere of Belfast at the time.

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