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''The really sad thing is that when I was young Richard Moore didn't seem a common name, however in the age of Google it seems there are about 31 bazillion of us.'' - Richard Moore the 27,000,000,001st.

Naval Vessel Pukaki gets close to the Rena on Astrolabe Reef


Photos by Richard Moore


Visit to Rena on Astrolabe Reef, Rena Oil Spill Disaster, Tauranga, NZ

We travelled out to get some close-up pictures of the Rena, courtesy of Maritime New Zealand and the New Zealand Navy.

All the oil is now off the container vessel and salvage crews are working in very dangerous conditions to unload the more than 1300 containers left on board.

We got out to the HMNZS Pukaki via the ship's zodiacs and it was a huge buzz to go about 35 knots over some pretty choppy seas. Once I work out how to put video on the site you can see some footage.

In the meantime here are two new pages of photos I took from the Pukaki.

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